We're happy you decided to check out our Troop. There is a lot of information on our website. We suggest that you start with the New Scouts section, which will give you lots of information about Boy Scouts and how our Troop is organized. You can check out the Calendar to see all the cool trips we are planning.  Although we are a Boy-Led Troop, we need adults to deliver the best program we can. There are many opportunities to volunteer - driving, chaperoning, acting as a merit badge counselor, helping out the committee to do the background work so that all the events happen. Check out our Parents section for more information.  We always have a great time during summer camp at Camp Mattatuck.  Scouts who have gone to SeaBase or National Jamborees will tell you how amazing those experiences are.  We always look forward to our next great scouting adventure, and we hope you can be part of it!

So join us and, WELCOME to Troop 44!

Awesome Update

Posted on Apr 4 2020 - 10:34pm

With all that is going on, where do we stand?  

We stand TOGETHER!

Knotty problem. | Snoopy beagle, Snoopy love, Wood badge

This week I think that the reality that "Social Distancing" will be necessary for a while is sinking in.  We had to cancel the April camping trip, and the May trip in on the fence.  But enough gloom.  This was actually a good week!

By now the PLC scouts should have all made contact with their Scout Buddy.  I have been getting feedback through text and email that this has been a VERY positive experience for both scouts. 
(If you are a younger scout that has not been contacted by a  PLC scout PLEASE email me ASAP!)

This past Wednesday the PLC helped me test out using Zoom as a way to get together, talk, and see each other.  It worked very well, and we are exploring more ways to use it.  Most likely we will start offering merit badges through this method.  I am sure you have noticed a new merit bedge has been added to our list every Wednesday.  This will continue as long as we are in this virtual method of scouting.

Please continue to take care of each other.  Get outside for fresh air and sunshine! 

Don't take risks, stay safe and healthy.

Alway Be Prepared, and Do a Good Turn Daily.

Earn Merit Badges!

Posted on Apr 1 2020 - 7:35pm

As part of our Scout On! program, we are offering Merit Badges for you to earn.  There will be a new one added each week.  First up are Public Health and Photography.  We will also have available all three citizenship badges.  You can use the following links to get the requirements and the worksheets.  Send completed work or any questions to the provided email addresses.

Badge Requirements Worksheet email to:

Citizenship in the Community Requirements

Citizenship in the Nation Requirements

Citizenship in the World Requirements

Cit Comm worksheet

Cit Nat Worksheet

Cit World Worksheet

Public Health Public Health Merit Badge Requirements Public Health Worksheet publichealth@troop-44wh.org
Photography Photography Merit Badge Requirements Photography Worksheet photography@troop-44wh.org
Gardening Gardening Merit Badge Requirements Gardening Worksheet gardening@troop-44wh.org

Troop 44's Scout On! Plan

Posted on Mar 29 2020 - 8:18pm




Troop 44 has a plan!

First, we are implementing a scout mentorship program.  On Wednesday all scouts who are First Class or higher were given the name of a scout who is under First Class to be their mentee.  The PLC scout should be reaching out later this week.  The plan is to make contact and check in periodically in these uncertain times.  Each team will determine the best method of contact (phone calls, Text, Google duo, Facetime, etc.)  One of the goals is to have the mentor work on what advancement requirements are possible to do remotely.

Also please join the Troop 44 Discord if you have an account.  This is one of the better ways that the PLC will be communicating.  Here is the link for the server https://discord.gg/JC8aJeq

We will also be offering Merit Badges!  The way this will work, is each week a new merit badge will be uploaded to our website, along with the requirements, the worksheets, and a custom email address to send the work or any questions.

Sync early Sync often!

Posted on Mar 25 2020 - 8:29pm

For everyone who is a TM Mobile user! (That is the Troopmaster app on your phone)

Please remember to sync often! 

I recommend every Wednesday and Sunday.

Troopmaster Mobile Instructions

Important Update

Posted on Mar 20 2020 - 11:52am

Dear Troop 44 Scouts and Parents,

We live in a different world than we did just a few short weeks ago.  The term "Social Distancing" is a new one to me, but it is proving to be incredibly important, and now it is our civic duty to follow.  One thing that scouts have always been, is good citizens.  Afterall we have many merit badges dedicated to citizenship. (Bonus points if you know the right number.)
While we need to adjust to this new, and hopefully temporary, reality, life does not stop.  We adjust and adapt.
Next week school will continue in West Hartford, but it will look different.  I hope everybody is ready for their asynchronous continuity of learning.  I think all the scouts will do very well being independent, self-motivated learners.  I have seen this first hand at troop meetings.
Speaking of troop meetings, Scouting WILL CONTINUE, but obviously it will look different.  Last night the adult leadership met (Virtually of course, thanks to Mr. Strong) to create a plan of how to Scout On.
We will not be having Wednesday night Troop meetings, at least as long as school buildings are closed.  Our March camping trip is canceled, and probably our April trip as well. (keep your fingers crossed for May.  So far, it seems we will be fine for summer camp)
In the near future the PLC will be having a virtual meeting to discuss the specifics of the following plan:  
All scouts below the rank of First Class will be paired with a scout who is First Class or higher.  Think of this as a "Big Brother" or "Mentorship" situation.  The First Class or higher scout will reach out to decide the best way of communication. (phone call, text, email, discord, etc)  and they will be able to work on what rank requirements they can.  Those requirements that are discuss or explain  are the best to start with.  The requirements that are demonstrate or show can also be done, by sharing pictures or video of the scout doing what the requirement states.  Those requirements that need to be done on a camping trip will need to wait for now.  Remember that scouts can simultaneously be working on Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class requirements, and be awarded them at the same time as well.
The troop will also be offering Merit Badges via virtual methods.    On the Troop website we will upload the badge requirements and workbook, and a special email where the scout can send the completed book.  Adult Leaders who are also Merit Badge Counselors, will review the workbook and provide feedback.
Above all, remember to stay safe as we all get comfortable with this "new normal"  It is important, now more than ever, that we all use the Scout Oath and Law and guiding principles.
Remember to "Be Prepared" and to "Do a Good Turn Daily".  


Posted on Mar 15 2020 - 3:11pm

The Troop 44 leadership is following the news about the COVID-19 virus very carefully. 

 Wow, does information change quickly.
With the closing of the schools, and all group activities, All troop meetings for the remainder of March are canceled.
As we get nearer to the end of March, the adult leadership will decide if it is necessary to also cancel the Deer Lake Lean-to trip.  Everyone's health and safety is obviously our greatest concern.
As things develop, we will re-evaluate our April calendar of events.
While home, remember to do a good turn daily, and conduct yourselves by the principles of the scout oath and law.
Right now the rest of the world is scrambling to do what scouts have done for over 100 years, "Be prepared"
We do recommend that all scouts /parents/leaders follow the safety protocols of:
Washing hands regularly
Staying home if you have a cough or other symptoms
Waving or saluting others, instead of shaking hands
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, face in general without washing hands before and after.
Take the time to catch up on everything you have been putting off because life has been so busy.  Whether it is calling an old friend to catch up, reading a book (or two), cleaning out the basement or attic, or finally finishing that series you started binge watching last year.
Be well.