We're happy you decided to check out our Troop. There is a lot of information on our website. We suggest that you start with the New Scouts section, which will give you lots of information about Boy Scouts and how our Troop is organized. You can check out the Calendar to see all the cool trips we are planning.  Although we are a Boy-Led Troop, we need adults to deliver the best program we can. There are many opportunities to volunteer - driving, chaperoning, acting as a merit badge counselor, helping out the committee to do the background work so that all the events happen. Check out our Parents section for more information.  We always have a great time during summer camp at Camp Mattatuck.  Scouts who have gone to SeaBase or National Jamborees will tell you how amazing those experiences are.  We always look forward to our next great scouting adventure, and we hope you can be part of it!

So join us and, WELCOME to Troop 44!

March in the West Hartford Memorial Day Parade

Posted on May 18 2019 - 9:41pm

We are about a week away from the Memorial Day Parade. 

If you are not marching with a school band, you should march with the troop to support our town and honor our veterans.

Sign-up today! 

Time is running out?

Posted on May 18 2019 - 9:35pm

There is only one troop meeting before our May Court of Honor.  Keep this in mind if you are trying to complete a rank and/or any merit badges to have presented at the May CoH.

Keep in mind that there is another Court of Honor in September, so if you can't complete what you are working on, it is not the end of the world!  Summer camp is also an excellent time to work on advancement!

Fern Street Construction

Posted on May 9 2019 - 7:48pm

Fern Street, in front of the church, is being paved from May 13-28th. We will not have access to the parking lot at that time.  

We have been given permission to park in the parking lot of the Baptist church and walk down the path during the paving project, thanks to the Emersons.  

What Positions of Responsibility are there for Scouts?

Posted on May 5 2019 - 1:01am


Once boys reach the rank of First Class, they cannot advance any further in rank without serving the Troop in a Position of Responsibility.  We find that many boy scouts aren't aware of all the positions available in running a troop.  Below are a list of the positions, with a description of each.  It is always the discretion of the Scoutmaster to modify or alter the job requirements or description.  

 Click on the image for the full article

Dodge Ball Final Week

Posted on May 4 2019 - 6:03pm

Next week will be the our grand conclusion to the dodge ball tournament.  We have had four weeks of games so far and we should make this final week the most exciting.  If you don't know your team, there is a dodgeball section that says who is on which team.  This link had the previous schedule and has the ranking table.  For this week we will be doing a separate schedule based on were the teams are placed.  Teams with the same record will be playing each other.  A while ago, I put a survey on the website asking what do you want as prizes for the tournament and I have gotten NO responses.  Please fill it out.  https://forms.gle/mrTpyDYdUKquCNsw6


4 Horseman and Minnie Pincas vs Portal Lions

Doddgy Sins V2 * vs Toitles

Taco Cats vs Wasted Potential *

Gamers vs Dj

* means that this team still has their advantage for sending in their roster and name early.

Summer Camp at Camp Mattatuck

Posted on Mar 16 2019 - 8:32am

Summer Camp at Camp Mattatuck is Week #1 from June 30, 2019 to July 6, 2019

For more details, click here. 

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