We're happy you decided to check out our Troop. There is a lot of information on our website. We suggest that you start with the New Scouts section, which will give you lots of information about Boy Scouts and how our Troop is organized. You can check out the Calendar to see all the cool trips we are planning.  Although we are a Boy-Led Troop, we need adults to deliver the best program we can. There are many opportunities to volunteer - driving, chaperoning, acting as a merit badge counselor, helping out the committee to do the background work so that all the events happen. Check out our Parents section for more information.  We always have a great time during summer camp at Camp Mattatuck.  Scouts who have gone to SeaBase or National Jamborees will tell you how amazing those experiences are.  We always look forward to our next great scouting adventure, and we hope you can be part of it!

So join us and, WELCOME to Troop 44!

Thank you

Posted on Feb 15 2020 - 10:05pm

We had a fabulous Court of Honor, Thank you to all who attended!!

Tyler Bach's Eagle Scout Project

Posted on Feb 12 2020 - 10:29pm
Dear Troop 44,
On Saturday, February 29th, I will be having my Eagle Scout Project at my house at 33 Hilltop Drive. I will be constructing and staining bat boxes that I will then set up at Spice Bush Swamp (at a later date). I am looking for 3 to 4 scouts (besides those that I have already spoken to) that think they are up to the challenge. Pizza, chips, and water will be provided for any volunteers, along with all of the safety equipment that we need. Be aware that these times are approximate, and we may end slightly before or after 2:00. All that I need you guys to bring are clothes that you don't mind possibly getting stain on. If you have any questions, I plan on being at most, if not all, of the troop meetings until then. I would really appreciate it if you guys can help me finish of the end of my requirement. Please click on the Eagle Rank to Register.
Thank you, Tyler Bach

We need Pictures!

Posted on Feb 12 2020 - 10:29pm


If you take pictures at any troop event, please share them with us by emailing them to Mr. Bach at:


They may make it into a Court of Honor Slide Show!

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August Canoe Trip to Maine

Posted on Jan 4 2020 - 12:36am

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It is time to sign up for the August 2020 Main Canoe Trip.  Click here to put your name on the list for the trip.


The dates of the trip will be:

Departure:          Friday August 7th at about 7 AM

Return:                Saturday August 15th at about 5 PM


The requirements for a scout to participate are the following:


1.       Rank of First Class before 8-1-2020
2.       Earn Canoeing Merit Badge before 8-1-2020
3.       13 years old before 8-1-2020
4.       Medical clearance to canoe approximately 50 miles and to hike Mount Katahdin at the end of the trip.


The requirements for an adult to participate are the following:


                Mandatory:       Medical clearance to canoe approximately 50 miles over 6 days (headwinds can make this strenuous)

                Optional:            Medical clearance to hike Mount Katahdin at the end of the trip (strenuous hike)


Size of the trip:


                We are limited to 12 people per crew.  We have equipment for 2 crews.  Each crew should have 4 adults and 8 scouts.


Estimated cost of the trip:  We are estimating $550 per person at this time for food, gear, camping reservation expenses, partial fuel reimbursement for driving parents, satellite phone rentals.

New gathering location for camping trips.

Posted on Dec 11 2019 - 12:19pm

For years the troop gathered at the UConn parking lot on Trout Brook Drive to leave/return from camping trips.  Currently that parking lot is no longer being plowed, nor are the lights on after dark.

THEREFORE, starting with this weekends cabin trip, we will gather at the St Joseph University Parking Lot J. 

Take the entrance to the university on Aslyum Ave nearest to Trout Brook Dr, parking lot J is on the left. 


Winter Camping

Posted on Nov 9 2019 - 1:38pm

As the temperature begins to change in New England, so must you packing list for campouts.  Attached is the recommended list.  If you feel there should be any additions or deletions to the list, please email them in!

Image result for winter camping

Suggested clothing and equipment list for a safe, fun, winter camping trip.  Change it to suit your needs and use it as a checklist whenever you pack for cold weather camping.

• Backpack: Make sure that it is the right size for your torso.
• Canteen (or water bottle or Camelback) – Drink plenty of water in cold weather
• Mess Kit – lightweight plate, bowl, cup, utensils
• Large Plastic trash bags – great for storing your clothes in too!
• Toilet paper
• Watch
• Sleeping bag – in a waterproof bag
• Sleeping pad – Ensolite or Thermarest
• Space blanket
• Nylon cord – for clothesline, lashings etc.
• Rain cover for your backpack
• Notebook and pencil
• Scout handbook
• Sunscreen & chapstick
• Compass
• Flashlight or Headlamp with extra batteries/bulbs
• Fire Starter
• First Aid Kit
• Pocket knife
• Waterproof Matches
• Tent /ground cloth– Supplied by the troop

• Socks - 3 pair (wool or wool/poly blend)
• Long Underwear – polypropylene or Thermax is best - 2
• Long pants – wool, corduroy, or twill are best…not jeans! - 2
• Undershirt – polypropylene is best - 2
• Shirt – wool or flannel - 2
• Sweater- Wool or wool blend
• Windbreaker - Gortex is great
• Rain gear – Pants and jacket keep you drier than a poncho
• Knit cap – wool or poly
• Balaclava – optional
• Extra pair of shoes – NO sneakers
• Warm jacket if you don’t have enough layers (See above)
• Warm gloves
Bandana – (You’ll find 1001 uses for this)



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